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Used C-Arms

C-Arms are used in cardiology, orthopedics, podiatry, sports medicine, emergency medicine, plastic surgery and veterinary medicine.

Currently available systems offer a wide variety of attractive features including laser alignment, 3-D imaging, wireless remote control, and digital flat-panel detectors.

The growing popularity of C-arms in minimally invasive surgeries (biopsies and angiographies) means that mobile imaging equipment has gone beyond simply being a diagnostic tool.
Used and Refurbished C-Arms For Sale and Purchased
Used and Refurbished C-Arms For Sale and Purchased

Angiography . . .
Equipment Wanted
Siemens AXIOM Artis BA  · · ·  Universal Biplane C-arm Neuroradiology
Siemens AXIOM Artis BA
Siemens AXIOM Artis dBC  · · ·  Cardiac Angiography System
Siemens AXIOM Artis dBC
Siemens AXIOM Artis dFA  · · ·  Universal Angiography System
Siemens AXIOM Artis dFA
Siemens AXIOM Artis dFC  · · ·  digital single plane C-arm angiography system
Siemens AXIOM Artis dFC
Siemens AXIOM Artis FA  · · ·  universal floor-mounted angiographic C-arm system
Siemens AXIOM Artis FA
Siemens AXIOM Artis U  · · ·  Cardiac and Universal Angiography Applications
Siemens AXIOM Artis U

Bone Densitometers . . .
For Sale New
Acuson ds  · · ·  sd
Acuson ds  · · ·  sd
Acuson ds  · · ·  sd

C-Arms . . .
For Sale Used
GE Stenoscope II 9000  · · ·  C-Arm
GE Stenoscope II 9000
Hologic Fluroscan Premier Encore  · · ·  Mini C-ARM Fluroscan Premier Encore  · · ·  Year: 2004
Hologic Fluroscan Premier Encore
Philips PULSERA  · · ·  PULSERA  · · ·  Year: 2007
Equipment Wanted
Siemens AXIOM Artis BC  · · ·  Biplane Cardiology C-arm
Siemens AXIOM Artis BC
Siemens AXIOM Artis dFC Magnetic  · · ·  electrophysiology and interventional cardiology
Siemens AXIOM Artis dFC Magnetic
Siemens AXIOM Artis FC  · · ·  Single-plane C-arm solution for Cardiology
Siemens AXIOM Artis FC

Mobile C-Arms . . .
For Sale Used
GE Stenoscope 9000  · · ·  Mobile C-Arm
GE Stenoscope 9000
OEC 9600  · · ·  Mobile C-Arm
OEC 9600
Siemens Siremobil 3U  · · ·  Mobile C-Arm
Siemens Siremobil 3U
Equipment Wanted
Philips BV Endura  · · ·  Mobile C-arms
Philips BV Endura
Philips BV Libra  · · ·  Mobile C-arms
Philips BV Libra
Philips BV Pulsera  · · ·  Mobile C-arms
Philips BV Pulsera

Surgery . . .
Equipment Wanted
Siemens ARCADIS Avantic  · · ·  High-end mobile imaging clinical applications
Siemens ARCADIS Avantic
Siemens ARCADIS Orbic  · · ·  Surgical C-Arm
Siemens ARCADIS Orbic
Siemens ARCADIS Orbic 3D  · · ·  Intra-operative use in orthopedics and trauma surg
Siemens ARCADIS Orbic 3D
Siemens ARCADIS Varic  · · ·  Multimodality viewing on a mobile C-arm
Siemens ARCADIS Varic

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