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Siemens MAGNETOM Avanto - high-end 1.5 Tesla system - Wanted to Buy

Category: MRI Equipment Item: high-end 1.5 Tesla system
Manufacturer: Siemens Model: MAGNETOM Avanto
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Item ID: 1474 Year: Unknown
Description: MAGNETOM Avanto The first Tim system. We see a way to do Parallel Imaging in all three directions

Siemens' high-end 1.5 Tesla system and the first equipped with Tim (Total imaging matrix) technology.

From a clinical, business, and patient perspective, it looks different. It sounds different. And it works differently, too. Welcome to the new world of MR. From now, nothing will be the same. MAGNETOM Avanto The first Tim system

Siemens' high-end 1.5 Tesla system and the first equipped with Tim (Total imaging matrix) technology. Click here to explore, why Tim has changed MR forever. see more>>

MAGNETOM Avanto AudioComfort with Strongest Gradients

Up to 97 % acoustic noise reduction with strongest gradients. see more >> MAGNETOM Avanto Revolutionary workflow

The most intelligent system through integrated workflow automation. see more >> System variants of MAGNETOM Avanto

MAGNETOM Avanto Tim [76 x 32] Top of the line. Excellent for the most demanding, as well as all future applications, including interventional approaches. Utilizes highest SNR. Superb image quality. Full iPAT functionally from clinical routine to demanding research. Comes standard with the strongest gradient in the industry - SQ-engine. (45 mTm @ 200 T/m/s). With 50 cm FoV. MAGNETOM Avanto Tim [76 x 18] For clinical routine up to demanding research. Offering full iPAT functionality. Utilizes highest SNR. Superb image quality. Choose Q-engine (33 mT/m @ 125 T/m/s) or SQ-engine (45 mT/m @ 200 T/m/s) with 50 cm FoV. MAGNETOM Avanto Tim [32 x 8] Tim performance for clinical routine. Standard iPAT. Utilizes highest SNR. Superb image quality. Q-engine (33 mTm @ 125 T/m/s). With 50 cm FoV.


Up to 76 seamlessly integrated coil elements with up to 32 RF channels.

205 cm FoV. Whole Body at the highest quality.

PAT. Unlimited.

AudioComfort with strongest gradients

Hardware + Software measures for acoustic noise reduction up to 30 dB (A) as compared to conventional systems. This is a reduction of 97 % in sound pressure.

Gradient field strength up to 45 mT/m (72 mT/m effective)

Slew rate up to 200 T/m/s (346 T/m/s effective)

Large Field of View up to 50 cm / 20 in., optimized for whole body examinations

Ultrafast, highly compact, water-cooled gradient amplifier in solid-state technology for best min. TR 1.5 ms and min. TE 0.6 ms (matrix 2562)

Workflow Automation Examples are Phoenix


Inline Technology Compact Magnet

Ultracompact 1.5T magnet (length: 150 cm/ 5 ft. 3 in.)

Wide, patient-friendly inner bore diameter (60 cm / 2 ft.)

Magnet weight only approx. 3,550 kg / 8.900 lbs

Large DSV (diameter spherical volume) with excellent homogeneity over 50 cm / 20 in.


syngo speaking user interface. syngo is the common software platform for all imaging modalities. Enhanced productivity with minimized user interactions per operation step. Based on a powerful Pentium 4 / 3 GHz Panoramic Recon Image Processor reconstructing up to 3226 images per second (256 x 256, 25% recFoV) in combination with a Pentium 4 based Host Computer with two CPU's / 3 GHz and 2 GB RAM capacity. Cost Effective Siting

30 qm / 325 sq.ft. floor space only

No computer room required for a total of just two electronic cabinets (water-cooled)


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