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Philips SONOS 7500 - Cardiology Ultrasound - Wanted to Buy

Category: Ultrasound Equipment Item: Cardiology Ultrasound
Manufacturer: Philips Model: SONOS 7500
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Item ID: 1574 Year: Unknown
Description: SONOS 7500 - Features and Benefits + OmniPlane III TEE transducer + Ultraband transducer technology + QuickTouch user interface + UltraDynamic Stress Echo + Faster image storage and retrieval + Research capabilities + 3D Link

The excitement about the SONOS 7500 might begin with Live 3D Echo and Live xPlane Imaging, but it certainly doesn't end there.

In addition to its Live 3D Echo capability, the SONOS 7500 system boasts innovations such as transthoracic Live xPlane imaging and the OmniPlane III TEE transducer, which join irreplaceable standards like Harmonic Fusion and stress echo.

Each of these clinical capabilities translates into better image quality, more valuable clinical information and, ultimately, improved diagnostic confidence.

OmniPlane III TEE transducer

The new OmniPlane III TEE transducer further advances Philips’ proven OmniPlane technology. Omni III’s Ultraband 2- to 7-MHz frequency range provides the necessary bandwidth for harmonic imaging and contrast research applications.

Harmonic imaging reduces artifacts and improves images in difficult-to-image patients, providing superb endocardial definition for the evaluation of wall motion. True electrocautery suppression provides virtual elimination of unavoidable noise artifact in 2D/harmonics and significant reduction of artifact in color flow. Adaptive AutoCool automatically changes any imaging mode to fundamental 2D imaging when the probe tip reaches 42°C, preventing imaging downtime and enabling the user to concentrate on patient care rather than the system. Advanced contrast imaging tools, including LVO and MCE, are finally available on a TEE transducer for research. The balanced, ergonomically designed control handle makes Omni III easy to hold and operate.

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Ultraband transducer technology Our Ultraband approach to transducer technologies has enabled the development of an entire family of highly responsive transducers—each specifically suited to its cardiac application. This pioneering method enables capture of an expanded functional bandwidth for more information, with excellent sensitivity over the entire frequency range.

Ultimately, Ultraband translates into the ability to image a wider population of patients with one transducer.

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QuickTouch user interface

The patented QuickTouch user interface is a SONOS exclusive. Dual, back-lit touch panels rest neatly above the keyboard within easy reach so you can swiftly initiate a study or change modes.

Everything you need to perform an exam is at your fingertips. Touch 2D, transthoracic Live xPlane, Live 3D Echo, color contrast or any other mode, and the change occurs instantly, making all pertinent controls accessible. Upgrade-friendly QuickTouch is ready for future capabilities, too.

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UltraDynamic Stress Echo UltraDynamic Stress Echo takes our best stress echo solution and makes it even better.

UltraDynamic Stress maximizes flexibility and productivity by allowing you to capture and review more clinically relevant data. Tailor the package to your lab’s needs while streamlining image acquisition with user-customizable protocols. Capture multiple loops for a given view and stage. Bring advanced echo modes into stress imaging. UltraDynamic Stress lets you do it all.

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Faster image storage and retrieval Our standards-based communication protocols store and retrieve images quickly and easily.

Fast MOD read and write times and a robust, on-board memory capacity help to further speed your exams and diagnoses. This is particularly helpful when using Study Manager to acquire, review and edit complete patient studies right on the SONOS 7500 system.

And, if you need to transmit studies or labeled measurements to Xcelera (formerly EnConcert)or other DICOM-compliant servers, the Integrated Digital Interface (IDI) efficiently handles information—even allowing you to send loops as they are captured so scanning is uninterrupted.

Download the SONOS 7500 DICOM Conformance Statement (603k Word .doc)

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Research capabilities

With some of the most extensive R&D facilities in the world, Philips understands the value of research. We’ve developed a full complement of advanced tools to assist the world’s echo researchers in their pursuit of better answers. Acoustic Quantification (AQ) - AQ analyzes raw acoustic signals before they are processed into video data and classifies them as either blood or tissue using Philips’ automated border detection technology. Color Kinesis - Color Kinesis is a unique, visually objective means of displaying wall motion by keeping track of the blood and tissue borders and their transitions, then color-coding the moving endocardial border for the quick assessment of normal and abnormal wall movement. Quantitative Stress Echo - Quantitative Stress Echo helps improve the interpretation of stress echocardiograms and reduces interobserver variability among clinicians. Contrast imaging - The SONOS 7500 system is uniquely suited to contrast imaging. It is sensitive to the smallest differences in contrast agent and offers a palette of contrast imaging techniques Gated 3D acquisition - The 3D Acquisition Package performs triggered acquisition of high-quality, original 2D and color flow digital image data for 3D reconstruction on an off-line workstation** from a third-party vendor. **Validation of the reconstruction is the responsibility of the 3D software vendor.

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3D Link Your Live 3D Echo exams can now become a part of the patient record, seamlessly.

With Live 3D Link, the SONOS 7500 networks 3D data to digital echo labs and PCs. Live 3D images can be transmitted and archived in Philips image management solutions such as Xcelera and EnConcert, as well as third-party vendor products.

3D Link maximizes your ability to gather, store, manage, document and share diagnostic images and patient study information, helping you streamline workflow and submit echo exams.


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