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Used Hologic 4500C Elite - Bone Densitometer - For Sale

Category: Bone Densitometers Item: Bone Densitometer
Manufacturer: Hologic Model: 4500C Elite
Status: Used Price: $38,000.00  -  Make Offer or Request Quote
Item ID: 811 Year: Unknown
Description: QDR 4500 C Elite

Like new in stock in our located in our warehouse located in Ft. Myers, Florida.

QDR 4500 Product Specifications Scanning method: X-ray fan beam, utilizing motorized table and C-arm X-ray System: Switched-pulse dual-energy (140 kVpeak) Detector System: Multi-element detector array Scatter Dose: Less than 1.0 mR/hr (0.01mSv/hr) nominal measured at 2.0m from the examination table for most scan modes External Shielding: None required* BMD Precision: <1.0% Calibration: Self-calibrating using patented HOLOGIC Automatic Internal Reference System

Automated Quality Control program  Operator calibration not required Operating Requirements: TEMPERATURE: 60°-90°F (15°-32°C) POWER: 100VAC (16A)/120VAC (14A)/230VAC (8A) HUMIDITY: 20%-80% relative humidity, noncondensing AVERAGE HEAT LOAD: 3,400 BTU/hr Table Height: 71cm (28in) Standard Hardware Configuration: Computer worktable with: 800MHz (min) Pentium III CPU  20GB (min) hard drive  128MB (min) RAM  3.5in 1.44MB floppy drive  104 key enhanced keyboard  Mouse, pad and shelf  4MB (min) video board  56K (min) modem  17in monitor with 1,280 x 1,024 screen resolution and 0.28 dot pitch  HP Professional Color DeskJet® printer  3.5in LS120 Superdisk Drive  CD ROM Standard Software Configuration: QDR for Windows® Operating System  NHANES Standardized Hip Reference Database  QDR OnePage Report  Context Sensitive Help  Fracture Risk Indication  OneTime™ Auto Analysis  Scan/Analysis Protocols for AP lumbar spine, proximal femur, Dual Hip, forearm, scoliotic spine, low density spine, low density hip, pediatric spine Optional Hardware: Magneto Optical Disk Storage  HP LaserJet® B&W printer  Modem  Network  QDR4500 Stand-alone Workstation *Installation requirements for X-ray equipment vary. Check with local regulatory authorities. QDR 4500 Series Upgrade Path Forearm Whole Body Body Composition Analysis† Body Composition Analysis† Whole Body Research Applications† Decubitus Lateral BMD† Decubitus Lateral BMD† Supine Lateral BMD Supine Lateral BMD Prosthetic Hip† Prosthetic Hip† Prosthetic Hip† Prosthetic Hip† Forearm Forearm Forearm Dual Hip Dual Hip Dual Hip Dual Hip Lumbar Spine Lumbar Spine Lumbar Spine Lumbar Spine QDR 4500 C QDR 4500 W QDR 4500 SL QDR 4500 A †Optional QDR 4500 Typical Performance (60 Hz)* QDR 4500 C QDR 4500 W QDR 4500 SL QDR 4500 A Exam ScanTime Exposure Scan Time Exposure Scan Time Exposure Scan Time Exposure Lumbar Spine 30s 10mR 30s 10mR 30s 10mR 30s 10mR Hip 30s 10mR 30s 10mR 30s 10mR 30s 10mR Supine lateral BMD 120s 35mR 120s 35mR Forearm 30s 10mR 30s 10mR 30s 5mR 30s 5mR Whole Body 6.8min 1.5mR 180s 1mR *50Hz and other scan modes available. Specifications According to Model QDR 4500 C QDR 4500 W QDR 4500 SL QDR 4500 A Scan  AP lumbar spine  AP lumbar spine  AP lumbar spine  AP lumbar spine Sites  Dual hip  Dual hip  Dual hip  Dual hip  Forearm  Forearm  Forearm  Forearm  Whole body  Supine lateral lumbar spine  Supine lateral lumbar spine  Whole body Scan  38" x 20"  77" x 26"  38" x 26"  77" x 26" Region (96cm x 51cm) (195cm x 65cm) (96cm x 65cm) (195cm x 65cm) Footprint  76.0" x 41"  79.5" x 41"  79.5" x 41"  79.5" x 41" (1.93m x 1.05m) (2.02m x 1.05m) (2.02m x 1.05m) (2.02m x 1.05m)  119" x 59"  79.5" x 59"  119" x 59" (3.02m x 1.50m) (2.02m x 1.50m) (3.02m x 1.50m) (table extended) (C-arm rotated, table extended) (C-arm rotated, table extended) System  Table/C-arm  Table/C-arm  Table/C-arm  Table/C-arm Weight 650lb (295kg) 680lb (310kg) 800lb (365kg) 800lb (365kg)  Control console  Control console  Control console  Control console 150lb (68kg) 150lb (68kg) 150lb (68kg) 150lb (68kg) Optional  General Region of Interest  General Region of Interest  General Region of Interest  General Region of Interest Software  DICOM  DICOM  DICOM  DICOM

Prosthetic Hip  Prosthetic Hip  Prosthetic Hip  Prosthetic Hip

Physicians Report Writer  Physicians Report Writer  Physicians Report Writer  Physicians Report Writer

Decubitus Lateral BMD  Body Composition Analysis  Body Composition Analysis

Decubitus Lateral BMD  Small Animal QDR®4500 Elite with QDR for Windows® Specifications Context Sensitive Help The text and graphics in QDR for Windows Help Menu provide an overview and virtual “walk through” of the QDR’s operation and capabilities. A single click on a topic button produces instructions on scanning, analysis, and data management. Practice Development Guide Helps you promote your bone densitometry services to patients and referring clinicians. Includes ready-toprint brochures, ads, mailers and other promotional/ educational aids. QDR OnePage Combines image, scan analysis and reference curves into a concise, easy-to-read, visually impressive, singlepage reports. Customize with your clinic’s name, address and phone numbers. Saves time and materials. Elite Value-Added Package Now standard on all QDR4500 systems The QDR 4500 Series packs a lot of performance in a small footprint. Operating from existing power sources, the QDR 4500C (shown above) and QDR 4500SL fit comfortably in an 8ft x 8ft exam room (8ft x 10ft for the QDR 4500A and QDR 4500W) and require no protective shielding or special room preparations. S-152 U.S./International (5/01) ©HOLOGIC, INC. SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. QDR and HOLOGIC are registered trademarks of HOLOGIC, Inc. U.S. Patent Nos. 4811373, 4947414, 5040199, 5148455, 5138553. Canadian Patent No. 1292810. Patents pending. HOLOGIC, INC. North and South America, Pacific Rim 35 Crosby Drive, Bedford, MA 01730-1401 Tel: 781.999.7300 Sales Fax: 781.280.0668 Europe Horizon Park Leuvensesteenweg 510, BUS 31 1930 Zaventem, Belgium Tel: 32.2.711.4680 Fax: 32.2.725.2087 Standard Patient Report with Reference values Rate of Change Report Other Exclusive Hologic Features

NHANES Reference Database—selected by the International Committee for Standards in Bone Densitometry as the standardized hip reference data for the United States.

Patient Rescan eliminates need to reposition patients. Saves time and assures patient comfort.

Reanalysis—reanalyze data, even a year or more later, without rescanning

Scoliotic Spine Analysis tailors vertebral BMD assessment to the unique curvature of patients with scoliosis

Automatic Bone Mapping calculates the soft tissue and bone map of any scan without operator involvement

Automatic Locate records and monitors the location of patient data saved to a storage media, eliminating the need to log patient data.


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