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Used Open MRI For Sale, Toshiba OPART

Category: MRI Equipment Item: Open MRI
Manufacturer: Toshiba Model: OPART
Status: Used Price: Contact Us  -  Make Offer or Request Quote
Item ID: 129 Year: Unknown
Description: Toshiba Opart MRI .35 Tesla Passively Shielded Coils: Open transmit, QD head, large body, medium body, neck with extender, T-spine, shoulder, extremity Self-shielding open Cryogenless superconducting magnet, 10mT/m max. gradient field, 20 T/m/s max slew rate, Dual digital RF-chain, Patient couch, silicon graphics host computer, UNIX operating system, Fast advanced spin echo, MR Fluoroscopy, digital RF subsystem, RF amplifier, 2DFT, Fast spin echo, gradient echo based pulse sequences, Fast Field Echo, Inversion recovery,Quadscan, VariTR, multi-slice, multi-slab 3D, Multi-echo, multi-coverage, multi angular oblique, coverage interleaving, slice excitation orders, Dynamic Scan,data stream acquisition, STIR, fastSTIR, Water/fat oppisite phase, water/fat separation, 2D time of flight, 3D time of flight, Multi-slab 3D time of flight, 2d phase shift, d Phase shift, BEST, Artifact Suppression techniques, imaging processing, intensity leveler, image calculation, cine display, Image display, digital laser interface, Heat Exchanger, stepdown and isolation transformer, standard set of accessories, DICOM Print, Performance plus optionsOpen MRI systems will one day be the common standard in the modern hospital. But up until now, open MRI systems have always dictated concessions to image quality and practical use. Toshiba's OPART has broken with this tradition. OPART is an open, superconducting MRI scanner that features premium performance and - on top of that - is cryogenless. Which means that OPART does not only provide superconducting performance, but also reduces the cost of ownership. Another important issue for modern hospital management.

Open advantages OPART's success is mostly established by the new superconducting magnet Toshiba developed. This 0.35T open and cryogenless magnet is the foundation for optimum imaging flexibility and clinical productivity. The four sided open design means a broader patient population can be accomodated. Its allaround patient access enables the scanning of large, claustrophobic or pediatric patients. And also allows for exams which are not possible with common base type magnets; applications include joint motion examinations and off-centre Field-of-View imaging with its floating table top.

Advanced clinical applications The OPART incorporates the latest advances in gradient, RF and computer technology to deliver advanced clinical applications, such as MR Cholangio-Pancreatography, MR Myelography and MR Urography. The system's superconducting magnet provides all of these studies with images of the highest diagnostic clarity.

Economic advantages As in all of Toshiba's MR scanners in the ART series, OPART features a sophisticated icon based user interface that allows intuitive operation. Many presets have been programmed behind the icons, facilitating fast operation. The preconfigurable interface enables a high patient throughput and allows routine examinations to be conducted quickly and efficiently. These aspects result in a high productivity and return on investment. Furthermore, OPART's compact magnet can be easily integrated within an existing radiology department. And as the magnet is cryogenless, helium refills and its associated downtime are completely eliminated which maximises system productivity.


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