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Used MRI Equipment For Sale, Toshiba Visart 1.5 Tesla

Category: MRI Equipment Item: MRI Equipment
Manufacturer: Toshiba Model: Visart 1.5 Tesla
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Item ID: 140 Year: Unknown
Description: Toshiba Visart 1.5 MRI 50Hz|60Hz The role of MRI in today's hospital environment is expanding. This means that higher demands are made on MRI equipment regarding a wider clinical use at reduced costs. The VISART is a 1.5 Tesla high-field system designed to meet those demands. A wide range of future MRI developments is supported by innovative technologies such as digital RF, powerful actively shielded gradients, pulse sequences and optimized RF coils.

High performance, advanced applications Backed by powerful gradients and precise digital RF, VISART's advanced fast scan sequences accommodate clinical requirements for a broad patient population and improves throughput. Its standard Echo Planar Imaging (EPI) techniques, such as FastASE, dramatically reduce scan time for true 1-second MRI, thus freezing motion. Clinical applications like MRCP, MR Myelography, MR Urography, MR Cisternography, fast brain imaging and breathhold studies of the abdomen can be performed with short examination times and non-invasively, thus combining patient comfort and departmental productivity. To protect your investment, VISART is built with the future in mind. As new applications emerge, software and hardware can be added, giving you the competitive edge during the system's life.

Efficient operation, easy communication VISART's advanced applications require a clear and easy-to-use interface. The powerful 64-bit RISC platform supports a comprehensive icon based X-Window user interface for fast and simple system operation, freeing more time for patient attention. Many presets and preconfigurable options greatly simplifies examination setup and allows an intuitive control over the MRI system, thus enhancing productivity. VISART fully supports DICOM 3.0 and allows easy transfer of image data. Through the hospital's ethernet based network, VISART can communicate with file servers, workstations and other network equipment. Toshiba's InnerVision Remote maintenance program supports an outstanding service with fast diagnosis via telephone lines.

17mT gradient strength, 23.T/m/sec slew rate, Cardiff Visart, Current software V4.0 ?? (Can perform DWI using MS EPI, also PWI using ASL technique), Coil configuration: QD Body Coil (Transmit/Receive - in gantry). QD Brain Coil, QD Knee Coil, QD Array Spine coil, QD Array Body Coil, Array Breast Coil, Circular Coil set x 2 (50mm, 100mm, 150mm & 200mm), Array Coil Convertor, Shoulder Coil


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