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16-Slice MDCT System - Hitachi CXR 16 Wanted To Buy

Category: CT Scanners Item: 16-Slice MDCT System
Manufacturer: Hitachi Model: CXR 16
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Item ID: 1579 Year: Unknown
Description: CXR™16

16-Slice MDCT System

CXR16 is a multi-slice CT scanner that combines power with ease-of-use and patient-friendly design. The x-ray generator delivers optimal power for superb image quality, while the operator's console establishes an efficient environment for acquisition, reconstruction and post-processing. CXR16 follows in Hitachi's tradition of high product reliability for excellent long-term value.

Scan Features and Parameters --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Providing enhanced temporal resolution, the CXR16 offers a fast 0.5-second, 360-degree scan time. This enables shorter breath-holds and reduces patient motion artifacts for maximum image quality. Sub-millimeter slices allow for fine detail images and optimize small lesion and small vessel assessment.

CXR16’s software facilitates user selection of acquisition and reconstruction slice thickness, allowing for appropriate review of images and volume data sets for diagnosis.

Scan Acquisition Types

Scanogram with real-time display Normal scan for axial mode Volume scan for helical mode Dynamic scan for contrast resolution studies Scan Parameters

Scan times (seconds): 0.5, 0.7, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 Slice thickness (mm): 0.625, 1.25, 2.5, 3.75, 5.0, 7.5, 10 FOV (mm): 50-500 Max scan range (in/cm): 69/175 Max scan rotations: 100 Volume scan pitch: 0.5625 to 1.50 Protocols

9 pre-programmed emergency 204 pre-programmed normal 515 pre-programmed user default Limitless user-defined, customizable protocols IntelliDose Technology™

Using simulation from the initial scanogram, IntelliDose Technology provides optimized mA modulation for x-ray dose efficiency and consistent image quality through the exam, regardless of patient anatomy or size. Predict Scan

Predict Scan technology by Hitachi monitors contrast uptake to a user-selectable threshold value and automatically initiates the scan for optimized image contrast. Operator's Console --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Highly automated with advanced software that is easy to learn, the operator’s console establishes an efficient environment for acquisition, reconstruction and post-processing. Separate display and system monitors facilitate multi-tasking at the console.

Operator’s Console

Windows®XP, fully automated, interactive software platform Preprogrammed patient demographics and protocol selection Complete protocol-driven scan control Auto-archive Auto-film

Image Reconstruction

Slice thickness (mm): 0.625 - 10 FOV (mm): 50 – 500 Matrix: 512 x 512 Image reconstruction time: maximum 40 images/second Immediate image review CT number range: -2000 to +4000 Image Display and Analysis

Multi-frame layout WW/WL Magnify Pan ROI Image Rotation Measurement Cine Subtraction/Addition Edge Enhancement/Smoothing Image Processing

Multi-Planar Reconstruction (MPR) Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) Minimum Intensity Projection (MinIP) Surface Rendering 3D Volume Rendering Network Capability

DICOM Print DICOM Store DICOM Modality Worklist (optional) DICOM Query/Retrieve (optional) DICOM MPPS (optional) IHE-SWF (optional)


20-inch LCD display monitor 12-inch LCD touch panel system monitor Display pixels: 1600 x 1200 Storage Capacity

Image: 250 GB holds 100,000 images Raw data: 5000 rotations Archive: 4.25 GB DVD RAM holds 15,000 images Gantry and Detector System --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hitachi pays careful attention to the dynamics between thetechnologist and patient during the exam. The CXR16’s design reflects this consideration, allowing the technologist to directly address the patient while maintaining smooth operation essential to fast throughput and a positive patient experience.


Gantry aperture: 70 cm Gantry tilt: +/- 30 degrees X-ray Detector

Type: Solid state ceramic Number of detector rows/channels: 24 x 896 Detector configuration: 16 rows x 0.625 mm, 8 rows x 1.25 mm Patient Table

Table width: 26 in (65 cm) Table length: 110 in (280 cm) Table weight capacity: 495 lbs (225 kg) Vertical travel range: 20 in (50 cm) to 39 in(99 cm) Tabletop travel: from 0.25 mm/sec to 100 mm/sec Horizontal travel range: 69 in (175 cm) X-ray Tube and Generator --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The robust x-ray tube combines high power with high durability for long-term image quality. An extremely fast tube-cooling rate minimizes interscan times to promote faster scanning and throughput. No chiller is required, simplifying the installation process and enhancing system reliability.Perfectly integrated with the performance characteristics of the high-heat unit x-ray tube, the generator delivers the optimal x-ray power per protocol.

X-ray Tube

Anode heat capacity: 7.5 MHU Anode max. cooling rate: 1400 kHU/min Tube cooling: Oil/Air Focal Spot (mm): 0.7 x 0.8; 1.2 x 1.4 X-ray Generator

Type: High-frequency inverter control Output: 72 kW kVp selection: 80, 100, 120, 140 kV mA selection: 10 ~ 600 mA (10 mA steps) Site Planning --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The siting and operation of the CXR16 exemplifies the Hitachi tradition of including ease and cost effectiveness in advanced imaging design. The CXR16 incorporates most electronics in its gantry, patient table and operator’s workstation, resulting in a very compact footprint that is accommodating to both existing facilities and new construction.

As an acknowledged leader in the imaging market, Hitachi can share an enormous range of site planning experience, as well as a proven system for efficient siting, installation and start-up. Hitachi works with you every step of the process: initial site evaluation and selection, layout, delivery and installation.

Siting Requirements and Physical Specifications Sample Typical Layout Sample Minimum Layout


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